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This section features a few recordings of my compositions and arrangements. You can find a full list of works below.

A Prayer for Our Times (Live)Sphinx Virtuosi
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About "A Prayer for Our Times"

The journey of this piece began in late December 2019, as I attempted to process an unshaking feeling of immense impending loss. Loosely inspired by the colors and spirit of Henry Gorecki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs, I felt as though I needed to better understand my experience with grief, and to prepare for a period of great trials. Little did I know that the COVID-19 Pandemic would start a short time later, in addition to the upheaval in race relations within the increasingly less “United” States, and my own personal losses due to the gun violence epidemic.


The early texture of the piece reflects the season of winter, with sparse melodic activity mirroring the perceived absence of color and life after the changing of leaves in fall. As the piece continues, it evolves through two more settings that I hope will help all who engage with it to process their own grief from the events of the past few years. If I were to offer a message of prayer, let it be that we learn to not hide our sorrow from loss, and instead recognize grief as a necessary part of the process for growth; may we leave behind what does not serve our future while also being thankful for all that has come before.

This recording was from a live 2022 performance in São Paulo, Brazil by the Sphinx Virtuosi. I am very grateful to each of the musicians and to the Sphinx Organization as a whole for helping to realize this piece and spread its message.

Compositions (by ensemble)

Large Ensembles
2024   "Bar Talk" for jazz orchestra
2023    “Symphonic Explorations of The Blues” for orchestra
             "Red Eye" for jazz orchestra

2022    “A Heretic’s Prayer” for string orchestra
            “A Prayer for Our Times” for string orchestra
            "Overture to The Before And After Times" for jazz orchestra
2021    “Elegy for Those We Have Yet to Lose” for chamber orchestra
            “The Undelivered Letter” for orchestra (rev. 2022)             
2019    “Waking Dreams” for chamber orchestra
2015    “Waltse” for jazz orchestra 
Small/Chamber Ensembles
2022    “Melodic Prelude/Postlude,” for jazz trio
            Performed at the Newport Jazz Festival

2021    “Homage to The Imagined” for jazz quartet and spoken word
2020    “Namenotwithstanding,” for jazz trio, sequenced piano                   
            “March of the Bookshelf,” for jazz trio, sequenced piano              
            “Where Does The Trail Lead?” for piano and flugelhorn                    
2019    “Waltz for Wyatt,” for jazz septet (rev. 2020)                                      
2018    “Does Everything Need A Name?” for jazz octet                               
            “Song for Bill” for jazz trumpet, bass clarinet, and electronics     
2014    “Chapter New” for jazz quartet                                          

Solo Works
2021    “Solitude in The Midst of Great Company,” for solo trumpet
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